I was in my house in the countryside and Joan prepared fried eggs. As soon as I started eating, I noticed something unusual. The flavor of the eggs was extraordinary, the texture kind of real. Joan told me that the eggs were given by the father of a friend, a farmer a few kilometers away from our place. He doesn’t run a farm, he’s a mason. He just has few animals for himself. They live free, eat what nature provides and enjoy their life.

No matter what they say in advertising about how happy the chickens are, nothing I purchased in a supermarket tastes like that. What I had that morning in the country was a nutriment, not food. After having those eggs I was feeling good. And it stayed with me the whole day.

That’s the point, we hardly find nutriment in a shop. We find food.

Our body is intelligent. It recognizes immediately something that is good. How come then we eat badly so often? Because we have become smart enough in making the products: we trick our body with the sugars, salts, oils, emulsifiers, colorants. The brain gets immediately the signal that it’s good and covers the nutriment reading. When we buy a chicken breast and prepare it simply in a pan it often doesn’t have any taste. We need to add some sort of spices to give it a flavor. What was the story of this chicken? How did it grow, what did it eat?

The effect of having food instead of nutriment is one of the causes of the low levels of energy we all suffer. Once, men-women relationships could be saved by the cooking talent of a woman. When men used to come back after a long hard day, they often had an uplift thanks to the exquisite meal prepared out of healthy ingredients. You just feel better don’t you? When I was a kid, my birthday was made special because I could choose what to eat that day. I could ask my mom to prepare my preferred dish. I don’t remember my birthday gifts except a few. I do remember the joy of eating my preferred dishes. Part of the ritual was to choose the ingredients from the best delicatessen. And it was not only the cake that made the day special, it was having hand-made pasta with “Bolognese ragout” made from an Italian wheat cultivar that grows it like in ancient times (it’s called “Senatore Cappelli”) , “Cordon bleu” with melting raw farm cheese. Oh my god what bliss!

Since my childhood I use food to feel good vibes and release stress. I worked in France for few years. I went there because I felt in love with a beautiful French woman. As it happens, we split and I found myself depressed in a foreign country wondering what I was doing there. As it is at a young age it seemed the world was ending, and nothing had meaning anymore. After a few weeks of deep depression, I set my intention to come out of this black hole. Incredibly enough, I instinctively decided I would prepare myself a great meal. I went to the best “traiteur” (it’s French for delicatessen) in town and purchased my preferred French ingredients and foods. I remember buying wild duck Gésiers and the mouth blowing “Salidou”, a caramel made with salted butter from a Bretagne organic farm. I went home, lit a few candles, put on my preferred music and started preparing dinner. While preparing I had a few moments when I allowed myself to cry. At a certain point the song Desperado from The Eagles came on while I was tasting the sauce of my “Salade de Gésiers” and I started crying and laughing at the same time. I felt compassion towards myself. I could see me from the outside trying to do my best to survive….with a salad.
It was not anymore a desperate feeling. It was more of an acknowledgement of what had happened and letting go of it. My dessert was as simple as you can imagine. The Salidou spread over a fresh baguette. After a few bites of this celestial dessert a rise in optimism pervaded me and I made a toast to my next new life.

It has been the best “Salade de Gésiers” and Salidou dessert I ever tasted. It gave me such an uplift. There were still tough moments, but I made my way through my life and good food is always there when I feel a little depressed.

OOOM Co-Founder

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Credit photos: Photo by PHÚC LONG on Unsplash