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Adaptogens as defined by,
are a unique class of metabolic regulators used by practitioners of herbal therapy to decrease cellular sensitivity to stress.
They normalize the body stress response, specifically the release of stress hormones from adrenal glands.

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Stress is mainly a good thing as it is our body response to life stressors. However, where the stressor is constant, our organism has a hard time to expel stress hormones like cortisol and this, on the long run, causes chronic fatigue, food cravings, nervousness, anxiety thus making it hard to Thrive.

Adaptogen Plants, due to their constant exposure to extreme stressors like very high/low temperature or high/low level of oxygen, have developed biochemical agents that not only help them to survive in such environments but to actively Thrive.

Their metabolism well adapt to their environment and above all they’re 100% natural and don’t cause any side effects.

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Adaptogens, it’s always a pleasure

Currently, we can list 24 adaptogenic herbs, each with magical super-powers.

adaptogen plants reishi natural ingredient

Reishi (also known as spirit plant)

adaptogen plants reishi natural ingredient

In ancient times Reishi mushroom was thought to give immortality. We know today that it prevents abnormal blood vessel formations and reduces the metastasis of cancerous cells. Moreover, it gives us much more energy, helping our body to perform better.
… So perhaps were our ancestors right in their immortality beliefs?

adaptogen plants lycium natural ingredient


adaptogen plants lycium natural ingredient

Lycium Fruit is nowadays considered to be a superfruit: it increases life span and enhances the appearence of the skin.
It is one of the most nutritional foods in existence because of its extremely high concentration of vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides. Besides, it contains antioxidants which protect the cells from damage and health problems. I told you it had super-powers.

adaptogen plants lycium natural ingredient
adaptogen plants seabucktorn natural ingredient

Sea Buckthorn

adaptogen plants seabucktorn natural ingredient

Local inhabitants of the Himalayan Mountains call this special berry Holy Fruit because of its incredible properties: it heals psoriasis, makes skin glow, boosts immunity and lowers cholesterol. And, of course, it is an amazing remedy against anxiety and stressful situations.
One more reason to love this holy fruit?
Legend has it that even Genghis Khan used it to propel the fight!


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